It's all about the party!  I'm on a mission to bring some fun and lightheartedness to any event that I play.  Life is short and precious.  Let's try to enjoy the time we've been given.  There's no better way to do that than with GOOD, FUN, DANCEABLE MUSIC!!

Pete 'Big Dog' Fetters is a full time professional singer/songwriter/performer. He is based in Boyne City Michigan and for over 30 years has been traveling the Midwest, East and Southeast US bringing his brand of the blues to  audiences of all ages . His musical career has been grounded in Blues/Rock, Country and Americana. Pete strengths are his excellent voice,harmonica and slide guitar playing along with outstanding song writing. Born in northern Indiana and raised in Michigan Pete began playing guitar when he was 13. Singing was his first love and Pete was a prominent soloist in his church choir at the age of 10. While living in Nashville TN from 1985-1993 Pete worked at the craft of songwriting and was able to spend time learning from some great songwriters.

In 2006 Pete won the Detroit Blues Challenge and represented the City of Detroit at The International Blues Challenge held in Memphis TN

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